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The Trinity United Church of Christ Photo Shop site is a vehicle that allows us to share the many photographs taken throughout the church, and at church events, with the congregation. Revenue generated goes entirely to the church, and represents the hard work and ministry of our Media Ministry Photographers.

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Baby Dedication July 14

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Created 26-Jul-14
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Baby Dedication July 14

New Collection

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New Collection

Baby Dedication Apr 14

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Baby Dedication Apr 14

Baby Dedication Mar '14

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Baby Dedication Mar '14

Jan Baby Dedicaton

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Jan Baby Dedicaton

Feb Baptism

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Created 14-Mar-14
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Feb Baptism

Baby Dedication

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Created 7-Mar-14
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Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication Feb '14

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Baby Dedication Feb '14

Guestbook for Trinity United Church of Christ
We're a group of volunteers and starting a new pattern within society. Your web site provided us with valuable information to figure on. You've performed an impressive process and our whole neighborhood will probably be grateful for your needs.
20.randall brewer(non-registered)
Dear Friends,

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My name is Randall J. Brewer and I am on a quest to serve Jesus faithfully and to fulfill the vision He has placed in my heart. I am a writer and have been anointed to write encouraging messages that will bless and uplift the body of Christ. If you would like to receive a sample of what the Lord is having me share around the world then contact me at ar917eph320@aol.com. I also have an exciting book called "Heaven: The Great Adventure" that I'd love to send to you as an attachment. With much expectancy I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless.

In Christ,
Randall J. Brewer
SO bless to be saved and be baptist of the Holy Spirit with thanksgiving heart in good health for care of the Father among us and let the be revival and out pourin gof the Holy SPirit with healing an salvtion to follow that blessing ,thanks an bdless,keijo sweden
17.suku k thomas(non-registered)
Greetings from India!
I am so honored and privilege to know about you and your ministry through your website
really it is so excellent and great. We are praying for your ministry. My name is Evangelist Suku K. Thomas President of base mission India a small ministry in India .since1999 on wards we are serving Lord in India. We have 26 churches with 26 pastors under my leadership one small bible collage with 10 students
Please pray for our ministry. I have wife her name is Jisha Suku, she also helping me in ministry, have you ever been to India? If no, please come to India and stay with us some days. I am sure that it will be help us to build our faith in Christ more.
Yours in Christ
Suku K.Thomas
12.Ginger Tansil(non-registered)
Hello, I'm so glad to have found your site. I'm so blessed that one of your members had to move to Detroit. I live in Detroit. I met her at the gym. She visited last night for the first time. I got MORE revelation about the church than I'd ever had! I already liked the church but now I'm learning I can link to it and be a member On-line. Oh praise His name!!!! And she herself offers on-line classes also! Thank you for existing!
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